Jacob Wick

Saturday February 11th

Jacob Wick and Wilson Shook, Stephen Karnes and Cody Yantis, and The Anubis Club. An ultra special live experimental sound performance.

at the Dikeou Pop-Up [312 E Colfax Ave Denver, CO 80203]

7:30pm Doors - 8:00pm (not punk time) start. As soon as the music starts there will be no pauses/set up breaks. Once it starts it doesn't stop until it is over.
$10 or pay what you can. No one turned away.

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Jacob and Wilson will be performing together for the first time since 2008.

Bio: Jacob Wick is a trumpet player and improviser. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Wick has lived in Brooklyn, Oakland, and Los Angeles, and has performed with a variety of improvisers and composers in a variety of contexts, including at the Whitney Museum of American Art (US), the Moers Jazz Festival (DE), and el Museo Universitario Arte Contemporáneo (MX). He has released recordings on Marginal Frequency (San Diego, CA), Prom Night Records (Brooklyn, NY), Peira (Chicago, IL), Diatribe (Dublin, IE), and Creative Sources (Lisbon, PT). He holds a BM from Purchase College, SUNY, and an MFA from the California College of the Arts. In performance, Wick works to privilege the perspective, experience, and expressive capacities of ambient non-human actors—air ducts, airplanes, birds, cement—over his own experience as a white, cis, American male. This approach is indebted to a wild commitment to queer politics and years of cruising contemporary and 20th century art and/or life theories. Current projects include solo trumpet acoustic noise and Dos/Tres Hongos, a duo or trio with Marc Riordan and Frank Rosaly.

Examples of Jacob's work can be experienced at the links below




Seattle saxophonist Wilson Shook makes music like a moth fluttering at a street light.

Graceful, frantic, persistent and sometimes tragic, it is music absorbed of its own inscrutable purpose.  It finds serenity in immediacy, escape in acts of radical presence. 

It is here, and then it is not. Wilson performs frequently as a soloist; less frequently as a collaborator or interpreter of other fabulous artists in the worlds of  Free Improv/Free Jazz/Noise/Other/etc.  He also helps to organize Seattle’s Gallery 1412 collective.

Examples of Wilson's work can be experienced at the link below



Stephen Karnes is an artist, musician, and teacher. Originally from Arkansas, he now lives in Colorado and records electronic music as Rob Quiet.

Instrumental, improvisational, and often string-based, the works of Cody Yantis tend to reside in the margins between tonality and noise Experiences and ideas of environment provide consistent motivations as Yantis explores what David Teague has called "people suiting posture to place.

Their work can be experienced at the links below




The Anubis Club is a duet between artists Ryan Ruehlen & Nick Hranilovich, oriented around the turntable, drum set, mixers and microphones. Their performances swirl around in a smoky lounge filled with nightmarish, purple ambience, scratch techniques, polyrhythmic and chaotic percussive structures, futurist jazz, textual noise, and nocturnal beats. The two are also half of the operating crew at Shadowtrash Tape Group, a cassette label situated in Boulder, CO