Making Taste 2

7:30pm Doors

8:00pm (not punk time) screening.

$10 or pay what you can. No one turned away.

The Alamo Draft House Sloans Lake
4255 W. Colfax Ave., Denver, CO 80204

Facebook event page here. 

Statement: Making Taste 2 goes deep into our list of works that have escaped the confinement of our curatorial ideas but have stood out overtime. The videos in the program vary in content and create a spattering of works that defy our desire to shuffle them into a certain context.


Artists: Written/ voiced by Steven Markow. Animated by Felipe Di Poi Tamargo

Title: Weird Movies

Statement: A lot of people don't get me...

Origin: USA

Year: 2018


Artists: Kitty Faingold, Max Mannone, Amadeo Faingold and the Royal College of Art (London)

Title: Body World

Statement: A short film produced at the Royal College of Art, London, 2017. What would it be like to realise you're only a figment in someone else's imagination? BodyWorld brushes up against philosophical existentialist horror, smudges the boundaries between the dream world and real life, and inhabits the space where body meets mind.

Origin: United Kingdom

Year: 2017


Artist: Directed by Danna Grace Windsor


Statement: Trapped in a synthetic meditation space, an empty shell seeks power.

Origin: USA

Year: 2018


Artist: Yugo Limbo 

Title: AH HE'S SICK!

Statement: What's this dirty smelly VHS you've found? It smells like a cross between an old person's basement and a seafood restaurant. A nasty fishy used car salesman? Hot computer ladies? Teeth? We've got it all.

Origin: USA

Year: 2018



Artists: Direction, Design and Animation Sophie Koko Gate  

Tanya  Jeanette Bonds 

Caz & Jane Sophie Koko Gate

Marcy Tom Scotcher 

The Sun Vincent Oliver 

Theremin Sveinbjorn Thoraensen

Marcy's Song & Sound Design by  Skillbard 

Musical Score composed by Johnny Wildey 

Co-Animator Anne-Lou Erambert 

Co-Storyboard Artist and Additional Design  Bridget Meyne

Animation Assistant Sacha Beeley

Colour Supervisor Rachel Sale 

Colour, Cleanup & Background Animation

Baris Cavusoglu

Gabriel Lim 

Jenny Wright

Lucy Redman

Rosie Gate 

Rozalina Burkova 

Mixed and Recorded by Vincent Oliver

Animation Executive Helen Brunsdon  

Executive for the BFI Gillian Scothern 

Executive Producer for Wingspan Productions Deborah Lee 

Executive Producer for BBC Emma Cahusac 

Title: Slug Life 

Statement: We follow a day in the life of Tanya, a curious woman who has developed a taste for non human lovers. This time her bedroom experiments result in the creation of a beautiful giant slug. Can such a perfect creature survive in this gnarly world full of freaks and beefs?

Origin: United Kingdom

Year: 2018


Artist: Noah Malone

Title: Courtesy Flush

Origin: USA

Year: 2019


Artists:Director: Angela Stempel

Animation: Angela Stempel 

Voice Actors

Phylicia Fuentes

David Brown

Kristin Tripe

Angela Stempel

Josh Shaffner

Recording Engineer: Christina Nguyen

Sound Designer and Music Composer: Daniel Eaton

Sound Mix: Pin Hua Chen, Aidan Reynolds

Coloring Assistants: Stephanie Delazeri, Sunny Ah Seen, Amanda Bonaiuto, Kaylee Soohyun Lee, Ana Perez Lopez, Anna-Liza Cangellaris, Ariel Navas

Title: Heart Chakra

Statement: Mae's life is routinely disrupted by the advice from her online crystal healer and her devotion to horoscopes. Armed with healing crystals and numerology, Mae is ready to follow the predictions on an unexpected path to find her soulmate. 

Origin: USA 

Year: 2017


Artists: A film by Daniel Britt

Voice of 'Man' by Tim Key

Sound Design and Music by Oswald Skillbard

Animation Assistants: Angus Dick, Jac Clinch, Doug Hindson, Jenny Lundmark

Based on an idea by Daniel Britt and Joe Pelling

Thanks to: Baker Terry, This Is It Collective, Al Doyle

A THIS IS IT Production for Channel 4 2014 


Statement: A man decides to leave. He knows he wants to do something with his life. He just hasn’t figured out what yet. A surreal journey into the mind of man, voiced by Tim Key.

Origin: 2014

Year: United Kingdom