Physical Proper, Solo works by Olivia Ciummo IN PERSON!!!

Collective Misnomer presents: Physical Proper, Solo works by Olivia Ciummo IN PERSON!!!

November 11th at the Dikeou Pop-Up [ 312 E Colfax Ave Denver, CO 80203]

7:30pm Doors 8:00pm (not punk time) screening. Q&A after. 

$10 or pay what you can. No one turned away.

Join us for a night of recent moving image works full of mysterious landscapes and affection for the ineffable.

Olivia Ciummo, is a filmmaker/artist based in Los Angeles. Over the last decade she has made more than two dozen short films and has exhibited at museums, film festivals, galleries, backyards, basements, and cultural centers nationally and abroad. Her work has screened at venues such as The Museum of Modern Art – NYC, The Pittsburgh Biennial, Museum of Portimão- Portugal, Media City Film Festival- Windsor, Crossroads Film Festival- San Francisco and The Paris Festival of Different and Experimental Cinemas. 


SELECTED WORKS from 2010-2016 + something new



Duration: 3:15

Year: 2014

Description: Based on a poem and in collaboration with the author, the images and sounds try to wrangle with linguistics. INVERT AND ALL THAT IS SOLID is a retelling of words through textures, movements and sounds.

Title: Over Fractured Water

Duration: 4:59

Year: 2014

Description: Over Fractured Water is a retelling of an industrial narrative through textures, movements and sounds. Legend swells in a hard to identify location. The materials and words mix up the narrative of land extraction, leaving a workforce numb and petrified.


Title: On The Evening

Duration: 6:50

Year: 2014

Description: On The Evening portrays boundaries between the visible and invisible. Sounds and images describe an anxious landscape of historical borders. The sky and sea are riddled with clues, and a text conversation reveals a foggy future through an altered state of consciousness.


Title: In Reps of Long Play

Duration: 6:56

Year: 2013

Description: The curtain opens, and Greek pillars mark an entry point to the stage. Exploring aspects of mediation, the actors command a state of documentation while the director's hand controls motion.


Title: Victoria

Duration: 9:53

Year: 2012

Description: Filmed at confrontation sites around the eastern seaboard of the US and the old growth wilderness of North America, Victoria draws on the cyclical aspects of fear, and nature. The people, landscapes and animals shift around in time and change characteristics through a collage of different environments.


Title: Apparently Clouds Have the Most Orgone Energy: 
film treated with what is believed to be Orgone Energy

Duration: 1:35

Year: 2010

Description: 16mm film stock that was copulated upon, unrolled in the darkness of the forest at night, shot with images of clouds then processed. All of these rituals were done in order to treat the film with what is believed to be Orgone Energy: a bioenergetic force that lies behind and causes observable phenomena, according to the writings of the psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich.