the way things are. the way they are going to be. part two

January 26th, 2018

at the Dikeou Main space downtown Denver

1615 California St.
Suite 515
Denver, CO 80202

(5th floor)

7:30pm Doors - 8:00pm (not punk time) screening.
$10 or pay what you can. No one turned away.

facebook event page is here

A screening addressing how our current culture will define and limit the futures available to us.


Artist: Thomas McMahan

Title: SocietyIsAGatewayDrug01_v003

Statement: Experimental video utilizing some of the newest 3D animation software and vintage analog gear. A crude visceral observation of society and its array of controlling humanity. 

Origin: USA

Year: 2017


Artist: Hanne Lippard

Title: Beige

Statement: In Beige Lippard transforms speech sampling into a polemical treatise on the colour tone beige and its current connotation as a trivial lifestyle colour, opening up a debate about young women and social structures.

Origin: Holland

Year: 2010


Artist: Camilla Edström Ödemark

Title: Narcissos

Statement: Narcissos takes its starting-point in the ancient greek myth of Narcissos, a young hunter who fell in love with his own reflection. In the work, Narcissos comes to represent Western society, caught up between filter bubbles of social media and the rise of far-right extremism and islamophobia. Based on a quote of post-colonial theorist Franz Fanon, ”Europe is the creation of the Third World”, the work argues that Western identity is still dependent on an outer threat, such as the non-European immigrant. Out of fear of the outer we have designed for ourselves a self-reflective system, mirroring eurocentrism and Western norms. Identity becomes a self-reflective project.

Origin: Sweden

Year: 2017


Artist: Leslie Supnet

Title: Gains + Losses

Statement: Through situational vignettes, gains + losses illustrates the filmmaker's thoughts on death and other personal, day-to-day anxieties.  The work touches on internal grief, tempered with a playful sense of humour and lo-fidelity charm. 

Origin: Canada

Year: 2011


Artist: Scott Fitzpatrick 

Title: GOLF

Statement: An extrapolation on a metaphor from Naomi Klein's "This Changes Everything" (2014); a found-footage video essay regarding fossil fuel extraction, propaganda, the Moon, and historical pastimes.

Origin: Canada

Year: 2015


Artist: Paul Turano

Title: Porcine Dilemma

Statement: In China’s Zhejiang province in early spring of 2013 dead pigs began appearing in multitudes on the Huangpu River, which supplies drinking water to Shanghai’s 26 million residents. When the count was finally complete, over 16,000 were hauled from the water. Speculations arose about the unchecked productivity of pig farming indicating excessive supply despite increased demand (estimated at over half the world’s pork consumption) and the dispatching of pigs as a desperate strategy to maintain market values. Meanwhile, the polluted water that flows into the city’s taps can only be matched by the toxic visions promulgated by apocalyptic evangelicals in America.

 Part of the “Repurposed Web Reports” Series: 

A series of  “reports” composed entirely of media collected from the Internet.  Using the web as an investigative archive, these works mine the margins of the public sphere for vicarious insights into the contemporary state of humanity. 

Origin: USA and China

Year: 2015


Artist: Oliver Harrison


Statement: Predictions about the apocalypse are frequent. We seem to fixate on the idea that the world will be destroyed because of our moral weakness, yet we ignore the actual systematical, insidious, spoiling of our planet. The idea of the film was to point out his anomaly, this quiet, creeping erosion. A world dying of Alzheimer╩╝s rather than of a quick heart attack.

Origin: UK

Year: 2014